Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Good morning Dodekapeople! We've had some quality time at RAW space the past couple of days. The stage is set, installations hung/built, trees and tree house set, and EVERYBODY's talking about our initiative.

Go to creativeloafing.com and check out our front page spot! Jessica Blankenship did a lovely piece on our collective and will be constantly updating loafers about the many new art collectives and non-profits popping up.

So today is the first official artist check-in from 10am-4pm and feel free to stick around after to help us build up the space and meet the other artists involved. From 8-10 we're going to run through the performances and block out our movement.

The sun is shining and I know it's got me in great spirits so won't you join me in some making some art!

love ya'll.


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