Saturday, April 17, 2010

Artist March on the Capital

Allow me to correct the time and location of the march.

Monday, April 19th
Start at The Rialto, march to the Capitol.
80 Forsyth Street, NW

My apologies for any confusion. I need sleep.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Georgia Arts Funding

Greetings everyone,

You may have heard, the version of the 2011 state budget passed by Georgia's House of Representatives would eliminate the Georgia's Council for the Arts. If the agency is cut, Georgia would be the only state not to have an arts council, which means zero funding for the arts. The senate is expected to vote on the budget next week, before sending a final budget to Govenor Sonny Perdue for approval.

Because of precisely this kind of deficiency of support for the local arts culture, we founded Dodekapus. During our service project in Little 5 Points this Sunday, we will be preparing for our rally against the budget cut on Monday.


On Monday, April 20th, we, along with other artist organizations including Wonderroot and Sam Flax, will be leading a march from Woodruff Park to the capital at 3pm to protest the budget cut. We need to have as many artists out with us as possible to make sure that our government officials understand that this decision is intolerable and that Atlanta's local arts culture is worth fighting for. Any which way you can support is appreciated - even just spreading the word. If you have any questions, please feel free to call me, email me, or join us in Little 5 Points on Sunday.

The link below contains a simple way to voice your thoughts on the elimination of the Georgia Council for the Arts. Please share with all who may be interested.


Adrian Barzaga
Revolutionary for the Arts

Service Project!

Yo Dodekababies!

This Sunday in the Little 5 Points square... Dodekapus will host a project providing our community an oppourtunity to become involved with our collective. From 2pm-5pm, our culinary king, Brian Duffy, will be cooking up some more thai for the hungry. The only stipulation to get a bowl of that tasty to create some art collaboratively with our resident Dodekababies. We will provide art supplies, canvas, musical instruments, hula hoops, etc.

We're looking to make some if you're loud...(or if you want to be) Come out and join us...serve the Atlanta people by allowing them to engage in art. Bring instruments if you'd like! We will meet at 1:30pm at Java Lords to set-up!

Come out people! Atlanta needs you!

and as always...
with love,
Melanka of Dodekapus

ps. You don't have to be homeless to be hungry.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Congratulations! Our Dodekapus' launch event definitely made some noise! Thanks so much to Scott Walker, Lionel Flax & Sam Flax, Chris Appleton from WonderRoot, Asahi, Freeside, Java Lords, 7 Stages, Raphael, Sopo, Atlanta Sound & Lighting, and the Lighting Loft for all of your donations and support for a new voice in collaborative art from Atlanta.

We have a huge appreciation for The Atlanta F.I.C.A. Capoiera group, Meut, Lam & Sundrop Synthesis, Noir ATL, ATLien Cara and her hoops, Sonen, India Brooks, The Falcon Lords, Imperial Opa, The Back Pockets, and DJ Santiago and all the Dodekapeople who performed.

So many people supported and promoted us wholeheartedly and we'd love to thank Jessica Blankenship and Creative Loafing, Burn Away, Dashboard Co-op, Laserbeam Kitty, The Beltline Public Art Project, Rob Thompson, and Dennis Baldwin.

We've opened the floodgates to a new outlet for collaboration. Thursday we will have a meeting at a TBA location to discuss our Sunday service project and our next interactive spectacle. DODEKOUT!

Winston and Kelly are putting together a zine for us so if you'd like an article in it let them know. Love you all and congrats on putting together the best party Atlanta has seen in forever!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Good morning Dodekapeople! We've had some quality time at RAW space the past couple of days. The stage is set, installations hung/built, trees and tree house set, and EVERYBODY's talking about our initiative.

Go to and check out our front page spot! Jessica Blankenship did a lovely piece on our collective and will be constantly updating loafers about the many new art collectives and non-profits popping up.

So today is the first official artist check-in from 10am-4pm and feel free to stick around after to help us build up the space and meet the other artists involved. From 8-10 we're going to run through the performances and block out our movement.

The sun is shining and I know it's got me in great spirits so won't you join me in some making some art!

love ya'll.