Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thursday Feb. 25 2010

We had a very concise and informative meeting at Java Lords. We still have some new faces at the meetings and that is fantastic, keep 'em coming.

We've got a little over a month to put together everything and really need to organize what is going on and who needs help with it.

Please E-mail with your areas of interest including:

Food & Beverage.
Doodle Cat.
Installation Crew.
Clean up & Breakdown.

Anyone interested in contacting sponsors or donors, please inform us so we can give you the materials needed to initiate a relationship. Thanks so much for everybody's enthusiasm and support for this electric response for the need of collaborative art projects in the dirty dirty ATL!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Yet Another Juicy Dodekapus Update

Above are some clips of our most recent meeting held at Freeside Atlanta on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. We are currently developing our relationship with WonderRoot and love what they have done to act as a catalyst for new Atlanta art. If anyone is interested, they have a great facility for most every medium.

We're putting together a materials list for the main projects associated with the event and encourage any and every person/atlien involved to submit requests for materials before wednesday the 24th of February so we can decipher a budget. Thanks so much for everyone's wonderful ideas and goals for the event, we're making beautiful strides toward a monumental precedent for DODEKAPUS!

Also, Dodekapus is representing in some BELTLINE AWARNESS LOVE.

See you on Thursday at Javalords @ 8PM!

* This Sunday we're hosting a dance/movement/hoola hooping workshop in Inman Park.Come meet up at Javalords @ 2pm and be prepared to have a blast!!*

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Dōdekapus Valentine's Day Updates

This Thursday's Meeting is cancelled (2/18/10)

Saturday February 20th @ 9pm
Dōdekapus will be hosting its first art party/ meet and greet
for artists to do final sketches and alterations on their costumes.
Bring cloth, crazy clothing pieces you want to alter, and the makings for an amazing persona for the show!

Come to Walker Park @ 9pm:
200 Memorial Terrace SE, Atlanta, GA‎
P.S.- it's BYOB

FreeSide Workshops
From now on, Sunday Meetings will be held at Freeside Atlanta @ 2pm:

675 Metropolitan Parkway
Suite 6066
Atlanta, GA 30310

We will be meeting to discuss the April 9th event, and at 4pm
our resident hacker Andrew will be holding art/ technology
workshops to assist artists in completing their installation
pieces and visual works.

Proposals Due by March 15th
Please submit a JPEG image no larger than 72 DPI with title of work, artist name, medium, and dimensions to

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Flyer distrubution and Dodekapus presence on all art campuses is a must. Please contact us at if you are interested in helping us spread the word.

The location is yet to be announced, but on Saturday February 20th we will be hosting an art party meet and greet for all of the Dodekapus artists to begin working on music, installations, ideas, and costumes for the show.

Lucky proposed a fantastic performance/ installation piece based on Sun Ra's experimental jazz band the Arkestra. Check out these links to get a vibe of the performance/experience we will be introducing to our audience...

For any musicians interested in performing please contact the Dodekapus MC Trevor Jones at

Our resident writer Miles Keenlyside proposed an idea to present spoken word and short stories in the form of dance or performance art collaborations. If you interested please contact him at

If you are tech savvy we proposed placing cameras throughout the space and filming a timelapse video of the creation of our first show to potentially broadcast on live streaming video for an internet audience. Please contact us at for more information.

The next meeting will be held at Java Lords at 8:15pm until 11:15pm.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


At tonight's meeting we discussed...

-Ways in which to install the artwork for the exhibit, since the gracious host of our space prefers that we not put nails into the brick. So far the most popular idea is to hang lengths of chain closely together from pipes on the ceiling to create a sort of wall on which to hang the work.

-From now on business meetings will be held at Java Lords at 6pm. This is for anyone who would like to be involved with financial duties.

-It is very important that all ideas for collaborations get underway. February 21st is the proposed deadline for ideas, and the deadline for submitted artwork will be in March.

-An installation team will be created to set the scene for our space. If you would like to be a part of this, please come to Sunday's meeting to begin talking with the rest of the team.

-An idea for a Doodle Cat bike race! The race will include four checkpoints, each hosting a different medium of art, in which participants are invited to add their own touch to the featured work, as well as create their own to take with them and enhance throughout the race. So when the race ends at the studio space at 431 Fair St the day of the exhibit, we will have four new collaborated works, as well as the participants' own pieces.

-Furthermore, if anyone knows of a non-profit that can be our fiscal sponsor please send them our way.

If you were unable to attend tonight's meeting, there will be another on Sunday at the Black Box at 7 Stages from 2-4pm.

Photo from tonight's meeting taken by Jessica Colvin.