Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Congratulations! Our Dodekapus' launch event definitely made some noise! Thanks so much to Scott Walker, Lionel Flax & Sam Flax, Chris Appleton from WonderRoot, Asahi, Freeside, Java Lords, 7 Stages, Raphael, Sopo, Atlanta Sound & Lighting, and the Lighting Loft for all of your donations and support for a new voice in collaborative art from Atlanta.

We have a huge appreciation for The Atlanta F.I.C.A. Capoiera group, Meut, Lam & Sundrop Synthesis, Noir ATL, ATLien Cara and her hoops, Sonen, India Brooks, The Falcon Lords, Imperial Opa, The Back Pockets, and DJ Santiago and all the Dodekapeople who performed.

So many people supported and promoted us wholeheartedly and we'd love to thank Jessica Blankenship and Creative Loafing, Burn Away, Dashboard Co-op, Laserbeam Kitty, The Beltline Public Art Project, Rob Thompson, and Dennis Baldwin.

We've opened the floodgates to a new outlet for collaboration. Thursday we will have a meeting at a TBA location to discuss our Sunday service project and our next interactive spectacle. DODEKOUT!

Winston and Kelly are putting together a zine for us so if you'd like an article in it let them know. Love you all and congrats on putting together the best party Atlanta has seen in forever!

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  1. Thanks and keep hydrated in this heat. Group muscle is covering a lot right now. Was speaking to a homeless man who the group enlisted the other day. Very strong sign of the wings of the group. Stay focused on closure and help where you can without over extending.

    Much love for the shout out and let me when the re-up needs to come.