Saturday, March 27, 2010

Holla at yo dolla!

Hey e'rybody! Hope everybody is super pumped about our show in less than 2 weeks! We got a stage donated to us, the pa works that we received (anybody got a mixer?), Sevananda donated a $75 gift certificate for food, we picked up supplies from Sam Flax, danced it up with LASERBEAM KITTY!, I did the Bike porn race and met lots of fun people, and checked out Colin Baylor( who's performing with Lam) at WonderRoot the other day(he's awesome!).

So hope ya'll are really talking this event up to the masses! Good luck on your work and soak in some of this beautiful sunshine! LOVE!

TrevorJones aka HollywoodKoal aka Jimmy Jazz aka framebender. RIDE A BIKE!Add Image

Monday, March 1, 2010


YO DODODEKAPUS! We had a wonderful time at the park yesterday and created a ton of buzz. A big thanks to Cara and Andrew for leading workshops. I encourage everyone to put together workshops for future meetings. We made many many beautiful sounds, hula hoops, and pieces of theatre.

Today, I (Trevor Jones a.k.a. Hollywood Koal a.k.a. Jimmy Jazz) signed our fiscal sponsorship agreement with Chris Appleton at WonderRoot. He is really excited about our initiative and you all should stop by to join WonderRoot, they have a great facility for creativity of all kinds. While there, Chris gave me a packet detailing an interesting opportunity to have a larger contribution to the Beltline public art initiative so start thinking of big proposals.

We've got to start contacting individuals and organizations for funding. I'd love for everybody to make the effort to establish a solid funding base. You know somebody that wants to help us out. We'll put together a solid letter template for you all to send out later today.

Keep working on that art Dodekababies. See you on Thursday at 8:30PM via Stuck's place behind Manuel's Tavern on North Ave.