Monday, February 22, 2010

Yet Another Juicy Dodekapus Update

Above are some clips of our most recent meeting held at Freeside Atlanta on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. We are currently developing our relationship with WonderRoot and love what they have done to act as a catalyst for new Atlanta art. If anyone is interested, they have a great facility for most every medium.

We're putting together a materials list for the main projects associated with the event and encourage any and every person/atlien involved to submit requests for materials before wednesday the 24th of February so we can decipher a budget. Thanks so much for everyone's wonderful ideas and goals for the event, we're making beautiful strides toward a monumental precedent for DODEKAPUS!

Also, Dodekapus is representing in some BELTLINE AWARNESS LOVE.

See you on Thursday at Javalords @ 8PM!

* This Sunday we're hosting a dance/movement/hoola hooping workshop in Inman Park.Come meet up at Javalords @ 2pm and be prepared to have a blast!!*

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