Thursday, February 4, 2010


At tonight's meeting we discussed...

-Ways in which to install the artwork for the exhibit, since the gracious host of our space prefers that we not put nails into the brick. So far the most popular idea is to hang lengths of chain closely together from pipes on the ceiling to create a sort of wall on which to hang the work.

-From now on business meetings will be held at Java Lords at 6pm. This is for anyone who would like to be involved with financial duties.

-It is very important that all ideas for collaborations get underway. February 21st is the proposed deadline for ideas, and the deadline for submitted artwork will be in March.

-An installation team will be created to set the scene for our space. If you would like to be a part of this, please come to Sunday's meeting to begin talking with the rest of the team.

-An idea for a Doodle Cat bike race! The race will include four checkpoints, each hosting a different medium of art, in which participants are invited to add their own touch to the featured work, as well as create their own to take with them and enhance throughout the race. So when the race ends at the studio space at 431 Fair St the day of the exhibit, we will have four new collaborated works, as well as the participants' own pieces.

-Furthermore, if anyone knows of a non-profit that can be our fiscal sponsor please send them our way.

If you were unable to attend tonight's meeting, there will be another on Sunday at the Black Box at 7 Stages from 2-4pm.

Photo from tonight's meeting taken by Jessica Colvin.

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