Sunday, March 13, 2011

Thanks for Dreaming

Photo courtesy of PLF.

DODEKAWHAT!?! On Feb. 5th Dodekapus presented to the city of Atlanta: I Can Dream All Day." A spectacle of otherworldy proportions that included Orpheus in Dream World, a play written by Cameron Stuart with Nightmare by Brice Watson, A Dream of Flying by Amy Pursiful, story by Dodekapus, directed by Phillip Justman and costumed by Shay Buckley. Other performers were: Lucky Polavarapu, Lam Nguyen, Annette Guzman, ORION, Stephanie Pharr, The Collective Project, Trevor Jones, Wilhelmena Williams, Bradley Bailey, Adrian Barzaga, Connor Oneal. We had a the musical ambience of Mikhail Ally, Bradley Bailey, Ryan Gregoty, Daniel Bauregard, Zane Ally, Clementine Willowilde, Shorty Bedford, Alex Wharton, Colin Baylor, Michael Jordan, Sebastian Otero, Cameron Stuart, Lam Nguyen, Erica Ransbottom, Michael Hamm, Adrian Barzaga, Santiago Paramo, Nadia Marie Belvanson, Jesse Merriman, Nternational Underground, The Opa Band, TRICIL, Phil Sins, Chris Childs, Drew Woodward, Topher Mont, and Laura Martin. Culinary treats were provided by November Carruth and Brian Duffy. The design team included: Ana Paramo, Loc Lam, and Corey Koberna. Sound and lights were headed by Danny Davis and provided by Jonathan Prestige.The Dodekapus crew was brilliantly motivated by Melanka Joy Sachno.

On a wonderfully bright first Tuesday of February we were putting final touches on the space and dropping Asahi on ice. The Children's Healthcare silent auction was set up and the crates for Atlanta Community Foodbank stacked. At sunset there was an overwhelming buzz of anxiety and excitement while Cameron and Mel urged focus and celebration. People then piled in. Despite the Art Papers event, Robert Plant playing at the fox and numerous other packed events around town, we had about a thousand attendees throughout the night.

The Collective Project performed as sleepy dwellers of dream world, while an original house band carried the story of the play, Orpheus in dream world by Cameron Stuart. Some people watched, participated, or stood by enjoying their company over an Asahi beer while others took in the multimedia display of artistry. Some of the other performances included a musical spotlight, visual performance and dance, and a very nightmarish drum circle with Butoh dancing and a be-heading. In other spaces and times of the dream realm, simply walking through the 13 foot jellyfish brought to life by breeze and light brought up emotions and feelings of joy only found in the fantasy-reality of our dreams. There were murals, photos, installations, sculpture, wheat-pastes, and even an interactive swing that showed Dodekapus really shines when working in the collective “all art is art” collaborative setting. An appearance by Captain Planet and the Planeteers was very popular, and even the Atlanta Police Department enjoyed their time in our space. Nicole Craine wrote this is her blog about our show, “The event celebrated the journey of dreaming and all of the experiences that relate to dreams including fantasy, lucid dreaming, the past, present and future, sleep paralysis, and nightmares. As one could imagine, the possibilities for the evening were endless. Dodekapus was definitely a unique experience for Atlanta and perhaps more of what Atlantans should be embracing in the art community: Free expression, liberation of the arts, and an open mind. It does seem that our fixation on galleries and concentrated art market has yet to expand to such an area of freedom and vitality. Dodekapus offered a new insight into what's brewing around Atlanta and presents the hope that we may just be breaking out of our shell when it comes to the somewhat conservative art market that structures the community.” Thanks, Nicole. We intended to inspire, collaborate and create and hope that the city joined us that night in our journey through dreams and their impact. Overall, we raised $-- for Children’s Health Care of Atlanta and collected 381 food items for Atlanta Community Food Bank. We want to personally thank every performer, collaborator, artist, and friend we worked with during the production and event. Thanks to Asahi for their delicious beer, Sam Flax for all their help, 7stages theater for their support, The Imperial Opa for their amazing display and The Collective Project for their share in making in our dreams, and the dreams of Atlanta, come alive! We can’t wait until the next time, and look out for news and updates at DODEKAWHAT?!

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