Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dodeka Press

Dodeka Press has emerged out of the need for an outlet; among the media minded Dodekapus members. We want to create a presentational view of what our community is doing while highlighting our members' work.

The blog will no longer state meeting time & place; however, we always meet on Thursdays @ 8PM and Sundays @ 2PM. For more information, follow our Facebook feed: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=293779968312&ref=ts

If anyone is interested in contributing to this new Dodekapus blog/zine/creative space... please submit any files (images, writing, recipes, reviews, rants, digital animation, video, and future events pertaining to the 12 mediums that Dodekapus represents to our email.) Please also submit artist bios no more than 100 words, including examples of work and anything else you wish to be accompanied with said bio.

For further reference here is a list of all active Dodekapus members involved with the Dodeka Press:
Brice Elizabeth Watson
Trevor Jones
Kyle Nielsen
Patty Lacrete
Ian Thompson
Matt Jones

Please send all submissions to dodekapress@gmail.com

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