Saturday, May 1, 2010

Happy Friday!

I know this is a little late, but Critical Mass always gives me a breath of fresh awesome! We've got so many projects and people to play with right now, it's nuts! Pee. Nuts. WICKERpus for the Beltline( will be planned and begun erected on MAY8th. Most of the work will be done during the next two weekends, but more weekday help is encouraged and needed. Contact Patty for details.

Cara Caravan was kicking it tonight at Blue Frog ( with some of her pieces and the rest of the work was astounding as well. Congrats and Margaritas.

Lam, Luckie, Miles, Trevor, and Warren are working on "I feel pretty" from West Side Story for 500 Songs for kids ( Monday at 9:45 PM Smith's Olde Bar so come out and support. I hear that the last two nights have been fantastic.

May22nd The Land Trust & the Hearth are having a local festival designed to highlight this new wave of creative performers and creators around our city ( ) and we have a live art spot and booth to share with them. There are roughly 9 spots for live art and please speak up if you'd like to contribute.

Living Walls ( is sponsoring a street art show on June 11th in which we will be assisting in presence and promotion.

DodekaPress is kicking out a solid interactive zine for us and doing it well. Kelly will get you in a whole new light.

LaserBeamKitty ( was a blast tonight at Highland Ballroom! Cousin Dan is awesome!

July 17th is the date set for our collaboration with Masa from ASAHI at the Goat Farm ( in West Midtown. We haven't decided the details for this show yet, but it's just a heads up.

Sorry for the lack of conversation this past week, but I know that everybody is pretty busy with finals and other mayhem. Stay strong and connected. Meeting on Sunday at 2pm J.L. unless otherwise noted tomorrow. Dodekout.


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